Example of a general WordPress site.


WordPress is an open-sourced content management system powering over one-third of the Internet. This resources allows you to use its software for free with thousands of themes and plug-in options to make your website become the perfect platform for sharing your research. WordPress is a great service to use when starting out on your DH journey because it allows you to embed and share the work you created using other tools like TimelineJS.

Getting Started

To begin using this software you will need:

  • A log-in with Sites at Gettysburg
  • A wireframe for brainstorming to try and replicate
  • Previous research to fill bodies of text
  • Code to embed other tools onto your website


  • Some of the themes offered on WordPress offer little means of manipulation which could require you to have some level of coding experience.
  • Oftentimes when embedding any other tool, you may experience some issues with blocking due to the way the website wishes to format your theme. To avoid this issue, you can adjust the height and width of the tools you were using.
  • WordPress offers very few options for how to arrange multiple photos which can ultimately affect the way text appears on your site. Sometimes using plugins can fix this issue to present photos in a different way.


The following tutorials help to explain the following elements of WordPress.

  • Introducing the Dashboard and how to start a post
  • How to add a page and use the block editor
  • Viewing Customization and Themes
  • Visiting Appearance to add widgets and menus

Additional Tutorials

These tutorials providing additional information on using WordPress.

Created by Emma Lewis ’20

For additional assistance, visit the WordPress Common Problems page.