Pressbooks is an online content management tool used to help people create, organize, and self-publish books. It supports digital and print books, as well as website based books.

Faculty can use Pressbooks to author their own books and collaborate with other authors online. Pressbooks has been successful in allowing faculty to easily author and distribute Open Educational Resources (OER).

Pressbooks is a for profit service. Faculty authors can pay a one time fee per book to publish a book. Faculty authors can also add students to their account to manage class projects.

A video introducing you to the Pressbooks editor.

What does it do?

Pressbooks uses a word processor-like interface to assist authors in organizing, formatting, and publishing books. Authors can collaborate through the tool to write a book together.

Why this tool?

This tool is useful for writing in collaboration. It also simplifies the publishing process by assisting you with formatting and exporting files. Use this tool to take your book project into your own hands.

Getting Started

You will need:


Starting your own book can be easy with Pressbook’s 5-step guide. The guide will help you start your own account to begin writing a book.

The Pressbooks Youtube channel has a collection of documentation and tutorials to help you learn how to use this tool. Three playlists we recommend watching are Getting Started, The First Four Steps, and Key Features.

There are six tutorials that are key to using the Pressbooks editor. They are

A playlist of the six main tutorial videos to introduce you to using the Pressbooks editor.