Example of an Onodo project.


Onodo is a mapping tool that provides a visual demonstration of connected networks in relation to other individuals or events. Similar to a graphic organizer, this visualization draw conclusions based on how individuals/events intertwine to tell a story.

Onodo is made up of “nodes” and “links.” Nodes are the individuals/events that you plan to link to each other. Links are the relationships that two (or more) nodes have to each other. For example, if I wanted to create a visualization about a family, I could create two different nodes labeling the names of the family members I want to connect before “linking” the two nodes by familial relation. These nodes and links connect points together to form a graphic organizer that is simple or complex enough to tell an interesting story.

This tool is great for students/faculty interested in engaging historical or fictional figures to specific events or plots with the hassle involved in trying to draw graphical representations by hand. Onodo could also be useful for writers who would like to use this platform for brainstorming when creating their own stories.

The following visualization was created by the Onodo Team to show to relationships between Game of Thrones characters.

Getting Started

To start creating a visualization you will need:

  • A email to start your own account for free. Onodo requires you to confirm your email through the email they send to your mailbox prior to signing in.
  • Information about the plot/individuals that you plan to add to your visualization. You must also have additional reasoning in mind when deciding how you plan to link two individuals together to connect two different points.
  • Optional: Photos of the people/or events you are creating nodes about.

Creating an Account

To create an account:

  1. Go to the Onodo homepage and click on Sign Up
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you; if you don’t see it, check your Junk/Clutter folders. Click on the confirmation button (the email is in Spanish).
  4. Login with your email and password.
Onodo confirmation email; click on “Confirmo mi cuenta” to verify your account.


Ondo offers four different videos on their Tutorials Tab that cover the following information:

  1. Create a visualization
  2. Editing your network
  3. Additional customizations, including custom fields
  4. Sharing your network

Embedding Onodo into Another Website

While you can use the Onodo permalink to share just your network visualization, Onodo visualizations can be added to another website, such as a WordPress site or ArcGIS Story Map.

First, Publish the network.

Click Publish to make the visualization public.

Next, click the Share icon.

Click the Share icon.

Copy the <iframe> code under Embed this visualization.

Copy the <iframe> code.

Embed into ArcGIS Story Maps

Create a new Embed block in ArcGIS Story Maps where you want the visualization to go.

Add an Embed block.

Paste in the <iframe> link and click Add.

Onodo embed code in the Embed block in ArcGIS Story Maps.

Embed into WordPress

Create a new Custom HTML block in WordPress where you want the visualization to go (do not use the Embed block).

Use the Custom HTML block in WordPress

Paste in the <iframe> link and press enter.

Onodo embed code in the Custom HTML block.

Additional Examples