Example of a Flourish.Studio graph.


Flourish.Studio is a digital tool that helps to create interactive graphs, charts, and unique visualizations from uploaded datasets. Flourish offers a wide-range of visualization options to fit your presentation needs by going beyond the bounds of graphing from spreadsheets. This tool is free for use with open access to share and distribute your work.

The following video, created by the Flourish staff, gives new users an introduction to this resource.

Getting Started

To begin using this tool, you will need:

  • An email to create your account
  • Data to upload to Flourish.Studio. You can upload spreadsheets or manually enter your data. If you find yourself struggling to decide which visualization would best present your data, Flourish created a seminar video to discuss different chart options.


Flourish.Studio guides you through their tool when you first make an account with helpful tips to get you started. In the bottom right corner on your projects page, you can seek help by clicking on the blue question mark. This symbol will offer you “Instant Answers” to questions you can ask in their search bar.

If you are looking for a more in-depth tutorial, Andy Boyles Petersen, a digital scholarship librarian at the MSU Libraries, created a step-by-step guide to Flourish.Studio. Petersen also provides you with a chance to practice uploading data to avoid mistakes that may occur later.

For additional assistance, the Flourish.Studio staff has their own YouTube Channel with guided videos for creating and uploading your own visualizations.


Flourish.Studio offers users a variety of visualization options. The following examples are popular visualizations that can be used to demonstrate different datasets from the Flourish.Studio staff.

Network Graph

This graph acts as a visual representation of “who is suing who” to show connections between different companies.

Bar Chart Race

This graph demonstrates different countries’ urban population size for more than fifty years in the form of a race to present day.

Chord Diagram

This visualization shows the amount of dialogue between characters on the television show, Friends for means of comparison.


The free version of Flourish.Studio allows you to create a wide range of graphics from your own account to share and embed. But unfortunately, all the work you do is open to the public, meaning that your visualization can be viewed and used by others on the internet. If you would like to keep your data private, Flourish requires you to upgrade your account.


  • Flourish Help Page: Flourish staff has created multiple articles covering a range of topics to meet your needs when creating visualizations.