There are hundreds of different digital tools you can use for projects, but this toolkit provides you with tutorials on some of the more common ones. Please let us know if there’s a digital tool that you’d like for us to investigate adding.

Content Management

Build websites for digital projects, blogs, exhibits, books, and portfolios.


Tools for telling stories with space and time.

  • TimelineJS – digital timelines
  • StoryMapJS – narrative mapping and image annotation
  • Twine – “choose-your-own-adventure” style stories
  • ArcGIS Story Maps – infinite-scroll style website with maps and media


Create interactive displays to visualize and analyze data.

  • Zoomify – create large images to annotate with StoryMapJS
  • Thinglink – visualize media and create tags
  • RAWGraphs – visualize data from a spreadsheet
  • JuxtaposeJS – compare two pieces of media to document change over time
  • Flourish.Studio – create visualizations from datasets
  • Datawrapper – create visualizations from datasets


  • Onodo – create social networks to tell a story
  • Voyant Tools – interpret text from analytics